Big weights at La Belle’s tourney


Kalin Wagner and Scott Dingwall had a three-fish total of 13.52 pounds to capture the annual Rainy Lake Bass Classic held Saturday at La Belle’s Birch Point Camp.
The champs also weighed in the big fish of the tournament–a 5.10-pound lunker.
Jason and Van Pavleck were a close second at 13.26 pounds, which included a 4.62-pounder as their big fish.
Jason Cain and Dan Tucker teamed up to finish in third place (12.18).
Wayne and Dean Howard tied for fourth place with Dennis Barnard and Scott Gobeil (11.96).
The Howards reeled in the second-biggest fish of the one-day tournament (4.62 pounds).
James Kaemingh and Bryan Hughes took sixth place (11.46), followed by Greg Stahn and Theo De Groot in seventh (11.24) and Brandon Kamm and Kyley Engstrom in eighth (11.12).
Rounding out the top 10 were Bill Godin and Larry Foss (11.04) and Dave Brynes and Kyle Turgeon (10.68).
Some 51 teams took part this year, with only three of them getting skunked.
This annual event features a three-fish limit.