Bass draw goes tonight

The final berths for the 2005 Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship will be selected by lottery tonight at La Place Rendez-Vous starting at 6:30.
Doug Cain, the outgoing director of angler services for the FFCBC, said this morning that 46 names will be drawn from 142 hopefuls to complete the field for next July’s tournament.
“We’re going to make a lot of people happy and some people unhappy, unfortunately,” he remarked.
Cain also noted this year’s draw will be done differently. In the past, names were placed in a drum and the number needed to fill the field were drawn by hand one at a time.
This year, the team’s names will be loaded into a computer and the numbers drawn electronically at random. This, said Cain, should speed up the process considerably.
The winning entries then will be contacted immediately.
“Once the draw is done, the [selected] people will be contacted in the order in which they’re drawn,” he explained.
This is being done, he said, in order for interested teams to know in plenty of time if they made the cut so they can plan accordingly. “For a lot of guys in the draw, this is the big event of their summer,” Cain noted.