Badiuk leads Aquanauts at meet

It was a breakout weekend for one of the Fort Frances Aquanauts’ more accomplished speed demons.
Boyd Badiuk paced the Aquanauts with five top-10 finishes—and broke four club records in the process—at last weekend’s Prairie Winter Invitational swim meet in Winnipeg.
Badiuk, 14, broke John Mayhew’s 1984 mark of 2:31.20 in the 200m I.M. with a time of 2:31.05. He also flashed past Cory Brow’s 1992 record in the 100m freestyle (59.42) with a clocking of 59.03.
Both these marks were set during the preliminaries.
To top it off, he eclipsed his own record twice in the 100m backstroke, coming in at 1:06.66 in the preliminaries and then racing to a time of 1:06.27 in the final, where he finished sixth.
He also took fifth in the 50m free (26.81), sixth in the 100m free (59.66), eighth in the 200m I.M. (2:33.41), and eighth in the 200m backstroke (2:29.60).
The 15-member Aquanaut contingent landed in 15th place in the 32-team field, which featured the best teams the Prairies have to offer, including two universities.
The locals posted 38 personal best times, with Alex Parent adding to the celebration by breaking the provincial record for the 100m freestyle in the Swimmers With A Disability (SWAD) category.
“It was a very good meet with some high-calibre competition, and I think the kids really enjoyed it,” said Aquanauts head coach Roman Ramirez. “They got a lot of experience out of it.”
The squad included some attending their first Prairie Winter meet—and two of them thrived in the unfamiliar environment.
“Nicole Lowey did great in her first time there,” Ramirez said of the 12-year-old who managed a seventh-place finish in the 200m breaststroke.
“And Kyle Perrott was right there with her [making the ‘B’ final in the boys’ 13-14 200m breaststroke].”
The Aquanauts now will split into two groups for separate competitions this weekend. Ramirez will lead the 12-and-under portion of the team to Atikokan for a meet there while team president John Dutton will be at the helm of the 13-and-over group at an event in Selkirk.
Here are the individual Aquanaut results from last weekend’s meet (* denotes personal best time):
•Boyd Badiuk, 14—50m free (26.81, 5th), 100m back (*1:06.27, 6th), 100m free (*59.66, 6th), 200m IM (2:33.41, 8th), 200m back (2:29.60, 8th), 100m fly (1:10.14, 13th), 200m free (2:22.67, 16th), 100m breast (*1:23.96, 22nd)
•Jessica Cousineau, 13—800m free (10:56.46, 26th), 200m back (2:51.53, 35th), 100m back (*1:21.98, 45th), 400m free (5:22.14, N/A)
•Heather Dutton, 17—800m free (10:01.15, 10th), 100m fly (1:10.63, 15th), 200m fly (2:40.95, 16th), 200m free (10:01.15, 18th), 400m IM (5:32.67, 18th), 400m free (4:53.98,m 19th), 50m free (29.43, 22nd), 100m free (1:03.60, 23rd)
•Rachel Dutton, 13—800m free (*10:08.26, 5th), 400m free (*4:57.18, 8th), 100m free (*1:03.47, 11th), 400m IM (*5:43.92, 15th), 200m free (2:22.53, 16th), 100m fly (1:16.91, 18th), 50m free (30.50, 22nd), 200m IM (2:45.11, 27th)
•Nicole Fontana, 13—200m back (*3:06.91, 36th), 100m back (*1:26.27, 39th), 50m free (*34.83, 46th), 100m free (1:17.14, 46th)
•Jennifer Hawley, 14—100m back (1:20.14, 38th), 50m free (32.53, 55th), 200m IM (2:54.12, 60th), 100m free (1:11.56, 61st)
•Kenneth Kellar, 14—50m free (29.53, 33rd), 200m free (*2:24.79, 35th), 100m free (*1:04.86, 40th), 200m IM (*2:51.10, 49th)
•Jessica Lowey, 10—200m breast (*3:30.94, 28th), 100m breast (*1:36.46, 30th), 50m free (35.40, 51st), 100m free (1:21.32, 57th)
•Nicole Lowey, 12—200m breast (*3:10.76, 7th), 100m breast (*1:30.42, 11th), 100m free (*1:16.36, 38th), 50m free (35.02, 49th)
•Karli McKinnon, 15—50m free (*29.30, 20th), 100m back (1:13.02, 21st), 200m back (2:38.24, 22nd), 400m free (5;00.14, 23rd), 100m free (1:03.57, 24th), 200m free (2:20.12, 33rd), 100m fly (1:16.06, 37th)
•Alex Parent, 14—400m free (4:56.74, 22nd), 100m fly (1;16.79, 24th), 200m free (2:21.88, 30th), 100m breast (*1:36.11, 32nd), 100m back (1;17.08, 36th), 200m IM (*2:45.79, 44th), 100m free (1:05.39, 44th), 50m free (30.63, 46th)
•Kyle Perrott, 14—200m breast (3:00.94, 16th), 100m breast (1:26.03, 28th), 50m free (30.93, 48th), 100m free (1:10.06, 50th)
•Laurel Perrott, 12—200m free (*2:48.16, 33rd), 100m breast (*1:41.24, 38th), 100m free (1:18.78, 50th), 50m free (*35.53, 53rd)