AWANA Grand Prix results

About 60 adults and children alike participated in the fifth-annual AWANA Grand Prix at Bethel Baptist Church here Saturday.
The winners were as follows:
Sparks, Cubbies
1. Alexandra Adrian
2. Jacob Vandermeer
3. Sarah Vandermeer
4. Riley Pollard
Speed (T&T)
1. Travis Hughes
2. Kelsey Johnson
3. Aaron Kellar
4. Nicole Gauthier
Speed (Adults)
1. Wendy Kellar
2. Kim McKelvie
3. Allison Enns
4. Della McQuaker
DesignSparks, Cubbies
1. Madison Soderholm
2. Shy-Leigh Darrah
3. Shy-Anna Darrah
4. Austin and Colton Brown (tie)
Design (T&T)
1. Jordan Mose
2. Rebecca Geense
3. Tylynn Silander
4. Tyson Pollard
Design (Adults)
1. Tony Geense
2. Gloria Geense
3. Craig McQuaker
Novelty (T&T only)
1. Jessica Geense
2. Rebecca Lowey
3. Bri Dixon
4. Trelawney Erwin
All AWANA cars are made by the participants out of identical blocks of wood. They all are the same weight, have height and width restrictions, and even have the same wheels and wheel-bases.
They only vary in their final design and appearance.