Arpin makes it eight-straight

Steve Arpin continues to turn heads at the Emo Speedway.
He won his eighth-straight modified feature Saturday night after edging out Brian Nelson in another race that was decided in the closing laps.
Arpin also had trouble passing Rod Angus just before winning last week’s feature. Angus came in third this week.
Former driver Al Smith, now statistician for the Borderland Racing Association, said Arpin’s recent dominance on the Emo oval definitely is a record for the modified class—although no one is really sure whose record he’s actually surpassed.
Arpin now has 464 points in the overall standings, extending his lead over second-place Gavin Paull (441), and appears well on his way to capturing his second title in just his third season of racing.
Vic Larson (430) and Ken Anderson (397) round out the top four.
In other action Saturday night, mini-sprints driver Jason Strom won his first feature in five weeks after besting rookie driver Kenny Perry Jr.
Strom still leads the overall points race with 457, hanging on to the lead during his drought thanks to several second- and third-place finishes.
Perry trails him by 12 points (445), followed by Kyle Ridlon (399) and Ken Perry Sr. (381).
And in the streets division, Anthony Visser beat out his dad, Richard, in the feature after losing the first heat to him earlier in the evening.
Jake Hassbargen maintains a hold on top spot in the points race with 454, followed by Ron Westover (434), Kendal Gamsby (425), and Wes Morriseau (423).
July 21 results
•Heat #1–1. Ken Perry Sr. (#2X4) 2. Jason Strom (#1) 3. Kenny Perry (#77) 4. Kyle Ridlon (#15)
•Feature–1. Jason Strom 2. Kenny Perry 3. Kyle Ridlon 4. Ken Perry
•Heat #1–1. Richard Visser (#25) 2. Anthony Visser (#11) 3. Darien Trimble (#72) 4. Don Smith (#30)
•Heat #2–1. Ron Westover (#15) 2. Jake Hassbargen (#14) 3. Wes Morriseau (#5)
•Feature–1. Anthony Visser 2. Richard Visser 3. Kendal Gamsby (#29) 4. Wes Morriseau
•Heat #1–1. Ken Anderson (#5A) 2. Roland Denzler (#78) 3. Rod Angus (#35) 4. Brian Nelson (#181)
•Heat #2–1. Chad Jonson (#18) 2. Kevin Randell (#89) 3. Steve Arpin (#00) 4. Vic Larson (#91)
•Feature-1. Steve Arpin 2. Gavin Paull (#16) 3. Vic Larson 4. Ken Anderson
Alcohol division
•Heat #1–1. Brady Caul (#100) 2. Kyle Gavel (#22) 3. Joey Galloway (#01)
•Heat #2–1. Kyle Gavel 2. Joey Galloway 3. Brady Caul
•Feature–1. Kyle Gavel 2. Joey Galloway 3. Brady Caul
•Trophy Dash–Joey Galloway
Gas division
•Heat #1–1. Robbie Brandrick (#85) 2. Donnie Gavel (#3X)
•Feature-1. Robbie Brandrick 2. Donnie Gavel
•Trophy Dash–Robbie Brandrick
Beginners’ division
•Heat #1–1. Cody Drennan (#20) 2. Jeff Davis (#47) 3. T.J. Marinaro (#31)
•Feature–1. TJ. Marinaro 2. Cody Drennan 3. Jeff Davis
•Trophy Dash–Cody Drennan