Aquanauts take third at regional meet

Hard work, dedication, and a love of the sport is what keeps members of the Fort Frances Aquanauts in the pool day after day.
And it was those characteristics that allowed the team to set 18 personal best times en route to a third-place finish overall at the NWO regional championships in Thunder Bay last weekend.
“They far exceeded our expectations,” head coach Debbie Murray enthused during practice Monday afternoon.
Here is a breakdown of the individual results (* denotes a personal best):
•Jessica Cousineau
100m free–1:24:38* (5th place, ‘B’ standard time), 100m back–1:34:87* (5th, ‘B’ standard), 200m back–3:19:92* (3rd, ‘A’ standard), 100m breast–1:48:61 (2nd, ‘B’ standard), 50m fly–46:45* (3rd, ‘C’ standard), and 200m IM–3:20:65 (3rd, ‘A’ standard);
•Rachel Dutton
50m free–35:67 (2nd place, ‘A’ standard time), 100m free–1:16:17* (1st, ‘AA’ standard), 200m free–2:46:49* (1st, ‘AA’ standard), 100m back–1:29:21* (2nd, ‘AA’ standard), 100m fly–1:33:25* (2nd, ‘AA’ standard), and 200m IM–3:08:31* (2nd, ‘AA’ standard);
•Jessica Lowey
50m free–52:82 (16th place), 100m free–2:02:12 (17th), 50m back–D.Q., 100m back -2:23:98* (15th), 50m breast–1:01:48* (12th), and 100m IM–2:21:47* (13th);
•Nichole Lowey
50m free–42:28* (8th place, ‘D’ standard time), 100m free–1:35:27* (8th, ‘E’ standard), 50m breast–50:80* (3rd, ‘B’ standard), 100m breast–1:49:88* (3rd, ‘B’ standard), 200m breast–3:58:02* (3rd, ‘C’ standard), and 50m fly–54:43* (6th);
•Laurel Perrott
50m free–43:65* (10th place, ‘E’ standard), 100m free–1:36:70* (11th), 100m back–1:49:81* (10th, ‘E’ standard), 50m breast–54:61* (6th, ‘D’ standard), 100m breast–1:53:70* (5th, ‘C’ standard), and 100m IM–1:48:12* (9th);
•Alyssa Holliday
100m free–1:18:14* (6th place, ‘D’ standard), 200m free–2:47:14* (5th, ‘D’ standard), 100m breast–1:34:69 (6th, ‘B’ standard), 200m breast–3:20:36* (5th, ‘B’ standard), 100m fly–1:43:39* (6th), and 200m IM–3:14:68 (6th, ‘D’ standard);
•Karli McKinnon
50m free–31:08 (1st place, ‘A’ standard), 200m free–2:30:20* (3rd, ‘A’ standard), 100m back–1:16:47* (3rd, ‘A’ standard), 200m back–2:49:55* (3rd, ‘A’ standard), 100m fly–1:19:77* (2nd, ‘A’ standard), and 200m fly–3:03:70* (2nd, ‘A’ standard);
•Amanda Allan
50m free–31:39* (4th place, ‘B’ standard), 100m free–1:09:08* (6th, ‘B’ standard), 200m free–2:36:42* (7th, ‘C’ standard), 100m back 1:21:56* (6th, ‘C’ standard), 100m breast–1:31:59 (6th, ‘C’ standard), and 200m breast–3:16:56 (4th, ‘C’ standard);
•Jamie Beadow
50m free–31:31(3rd place, ‘B’ standard), 100m free–1:09:31* (7th, ‘C’ standard), 200m free–2:39:06 (10th, ‘D’ standard), 100m back–1:21:56* (6th, ‘C’ standard), 200m back–2:58:63 (5th, ‘D’ standard), and 200m IM–2:54:16* (3rd, ‘C’ standard);
•Ashleigh Dutton
50m free–35:13 (10th place, ‘E’ standard), 100m free–1:16:73 (12th. ‘E’ standard), 100m back–1:24:95* (13th, ‘D’ standard), 200m back–3:01:15 (7th, ‘D’ standard), 100m breast–1:45:64 (14th), and 200m IM–3:04:02 (7th, ‘D’ standard);
•Heather Dutton
50m free–31:10* (2nd place, ‘B’ standard), 100m free–1:07:18* (4th, ‘B’ standard), 200m free–2:27:49* (3rd, ‘B’ standard), 100m fly–1:16:16* (2nd, ‘B’ standard), 200m fly–2:54:25 (1st, ‘B’ standard), and 400m IM–5:58:34* (3rd, ‘B’ standard);
•Sarah McTavish
50m free–29:63 (6th place, ‘A’ standard), 100m free–1:05:95* (5th, ‘B’ standard), 200m free–2:24:86 (3rd, ‘B’ standard), 100m back–1:17:81 (3rd, ‘C’ standard), 100m fly–1:16:89 (4th, ‘B’ standard), and 200m IM–2:43:70 (6th, ‘B’ standard);
•Boyd Badiuk
50m free–31:45* (1st place, ‘A’ standard), 100m free–1:09:60* (1st, ‘B’ standard), 100m back–1:23:02* (2nd, ‘B’ standard), 200m back 2:55:61* (2nd, ‘B’ standard), 100m fly–1:24:04 (1st, ‘B’ standard), and 200m IM–2:55:49* (1st, ‘B’ standard);
•Kenneth Kellar
100m free–1:36:40* (8th place), 200m free–3:28:42* (6th), 50m back–56:24* (4th), 50m breast–57:04* (3rd), 100m breast–2:03:74* (6th), and 100m IM–1:52:11* (5th);
•Alex Parent
50m free–38:52 (5th place), 100m free–1:21:01* (6th place, ‘E’ standard), 200m free–2:50:43* (4th, ‘D’ standard), 100m back–1:33:47* (6th, ‘E’ standard), 200m back–3:19:27* (4th, ‘E’ standard), and 100m fly–D.Q.
•Kyle Perrott
50m free–40:20* (6th place), 100m free–1:30:41* (7th), 100m back–1:52:65* (8th), 50m breast–55:08* (2nd), 200m breast–D.Q, and 100m IM–1:49:65* (3rd);
•Matthew Parent
50m free–38:58 (6th place), 100m free–1:26:97* (9th), 200m free–3:15:80* (6th), 100m back–1:42:38* (6th), 50m breast–49:09* (1st), and 100m IM–1:37:54* (2nd);
•Steve Gushulak
50m free–27:18 (2nd place, ‘A’ standard), 100m free–1:00:05* (2nd, ‘B’ standard), 100m back–1:11:82 (6th, ‘C’ standard), 100m breast–1:21:12* (4th, ‘C’ standard), 100m fly–1:17:84* (6th, ‘E’ standard), and 200m IM–2:41:21 (5th, ‘D’ standard); and
•Jeff Plumridge
50m free–27:40 (5th place, ‘A’ standard), 100m free–1:00:10* (4th, ‘B’ standard), 100m breast–1:12:47 (2nd, ‘AA’ standard), 200m breast–2:41:52 (2nd, ‘A’ standard), 100m fly–1:13:43 (5th, ‘D’ standard), and 200m IM –2:34:49 (4th, ‘C’ standard).