Aquanauts make splash

Mitch Calvert

By all indications, it looks like the Fort Frances Aquanauts are catching fire at the right time.
The Aquanauts certainly had plenty of spark at the High Voltage Invitational swim meet in Thunder Bay over the weekend, clocking 52 personal best times out of 59 races.
“Everybody brought their ‘A’ game this weekend, and this was probably overall one of the best meets as far as finishes go for the team,” Aquanauts’ coach Dawnn Taylor enthused.
“Everybody had personal bests, there was no worrying or shaking on the deck from the new swimmers,” she added. “They just got in there and kicked it up.”
Taylor had nothing but praise for the way the team performed as a whole, but pointed to Levi Rittau’s remarkable improvements as a tell-tale sign of a memorable weekend.
“Levi Rittau took off 81 seconds all-inclusive this weekend,” she lauded. “He took off 15 seconds in a couple of his races.
“You would suspect that sometimes out of the new swimmers that are just starting, but Levi has been swimming for a couple years now and to go in and take off those sort of times was like he had rockets on his feet,” Taylor remarked.
The Aquanauts’ schedule heats up shortly heading into their busiest month of the season in May, with their next team meet slated April 3-5 in Kenora.
Taylor’s son, Donovan, plans to make his first competitive appearance there since injuring his back at the Aquanauts’ own meet back in January.
“He just got back in the pool in the last week, but came and coached with the little guys at the meet this weekend and it was great for me because it gave me a little break,” Dawnn Taylor said.
“It’s non-surgical and life goes on, but he should be able to go and do two or three events [in Kenora] and then he’ll hit the May meet in Winnipeg and maybe only do about four events there because we want to save him for B.C. [nationals a week-and-a-half later].”
Individual results from last weekend were as follows (* denotes personal best):
•Christopher Allan (16)—200m free (2:40:51*, 3rd), 100m breast (1:42:95*, 3rd), 200m IM (3:07:32*, 2nd), 50m free (32:16, 3rd), 100m free (1:11:30*, 2nd), and 100m back (1:23:56*, 2nd);
•Regan Danylchuk (10)—100m fly (1:59:42*, 5th), 50m back (50:10*, 4th), 200m IM (4:02:17*, 5th), 50m free (43:57*, 10th), 100m free (1:41:11*, 12th), 50m breast (59:40*, 8th), and 50m fly (53.57*, 12th);
•Levi Rittau (12)—200m free (2:49:97*, 3rd), 200m back (3:12:33*, 3rd), 100m breast (1:53:36*, 1st), 200m IM (3:11:95*, 2nd), 50m free (34:30*, 3rd), 100m free (1:13:31*, 1st), and 100m back (1:28:56*, 3rd);
•Krista Emond (15)—100m fly (1:27:28*, 2nd), 100m breast (1:30:31*, 2nd), 400m IM (6:11:80*, 2nd), 200m IM (2:48:91*, 3rd), 400m free (5:23:69, 2nd), 100m free (1:07:82*, 4th), and 200m breast (3:10:53*, 2nd);
•Andre Emond (14)—100m fly (1:27:99*, 1st), 200m back (2:51:00*, 2nd), 400m IM (6:17:03*, 4th), 200m IM (3:02:00*, 3rd), 50m free (33:33*, 4th), 100m free (1:13:42*, 4th), and 100m back (1:22:63*, 1st);
•Whitney Gouin (seven)—50m back (1:15:00, 2nd), 50m free (1:17:90, 4th), 100m free (2:46:41*, 4th), and 50m breast (1:37:29*, 3rd);
•Mitchell Riordon—50m back (59:40*, 5th), 100m breast (2:31:64*), 50m free (55.33*, 6th), 100m IM (2:17:58*, 3rd), 100m free (2:02:58*, 4th), 50m breast (1:12:46*, 6th), and 100m back (2:16:63*, 4th);
•Anika Beaudry (nine)—50m back (53.73*, 8th), 100m breast (2:09:23*, 9th), 50m free (49.84*, 16th), 100m IM (2:03:01*, 11th), 100m free (1:49:70*, 14th), and 200m breast (4:35:35*, 7th); and
•Katja Sutherland (13)—100m breast (1:26:85*, 1st), 200m IM (2:59:36*, 5th), 400m free (5:57:56*, 7th), 200m breast (3:12:16*, 5th), and 100m back (1:23:08*, 6th).