Aquanauts do well in Thunder Bay

The Fort Frances Aquanauts sent 14 swimmers to Thunder Bay on May 27-29 to compete in an invitational meet at the Canada Games Complex.
Here are the their individual results (P=preliminary, F=final):
•Rebecca Armit (12)—50m free F (19th, 34.46), 200m IM F (17th, 3:08.60), 200m free F (13th, 2:43.80), 200m F breast (12th, 3:28.19), 400m free F (12th, 5:48.47), 100m breast F (17th, 1:39.14), and 100m free F (15th, 1:16.21);
•Heather Dutton (18)—200m IM P (2nd, 2:37.30), 200m IM F (4th, 2:38.64), 800m free F (6th, 10:35.68), 400m IM F (2nd, 5:31.92), 200m free P (4th, 2:20.99), 200m free F (5th, 2:21.16), 100m fly P (1st, 1:10.00), 100m fly F (2nd, 1:10.29), 400m free F (6th, 5:00.65), 200m fly F (2nd, 2:37.60), 200m fly P (1st, 2:42.36), 100m free P (5th, 1:05.09), and 100m free F (7th, 1:05.40);
•Rachel Dutton (15)—50m free P (8th, 30.01), 50m free F (8th, 30.91), 200m IM P (9th, 2:48.27), 200m IM F (7th, 2:50.11), 400m IM F (9th, 6:09.41), 200m free P (13th, 2:26.83), 100m fly P (10th, 1:18.67), 100m back P (11th, 1:20.86), 400m free F (15th, 5:09.21), and 100m free P (18th, 1:08.42);
•Andre Emond (10)—200m IM F (10th, 3:53.54), 50m free F (9th, 37.79), 100m fly F (5th, 1:59.12), 100m back F (8th, 1:45.03), 200m free F (6th, 3:02.51), 50m fy F (8th, 45.97), 100m free F (7th, 1:26.78), and 50m back F (8th, 47.72);
•Heidi Emond (13)—100m breast P (23rd, 1:44.94) and 100m free P (35th, 1:19.30);
•Krista Emond (12)—200m IM F (29th, 3:26.14), 800m free F (6th, 12:11.55), 200m free F (23rd, 2:50.56), 200m breast F (24th, 3:56.51), 100m back F (26th, 1:37.96), 400m free F (15th, 6:00.29), 100m breast F (29th, 1:51.60), and 100m free (32nd, 1:21.69);
•Jillian Gustafson (10)-—200m IM F (7th, 3:26.47), 50m breast F (8th, 53.23), 100m back (9th, 1:43.40), 200m free F (12th, 3:08.91), 100m breast F(8th, 1:52.27), 100m free F (10th, 1:30.03), and 50m back (10th, 47.57);
•Jessica Lowey (11)—-200m IM (13th, 2:59.85), 800m free F (4th, 11:29.68), 400m IM F (8th, 6:35.03), 200m free F (11th, 2:43.10), 200m breast F (4th, 3:14.30), 400m free (6th, 5:39.50), 100m breast (4th, 1:31.58), and 100m free F (21st, 1:18.00);
•Kaela Lowey (10)—200m IM F (13th, 3:36.44), 50m free F (18th, 43.42), 50m breast F (6th, 51.43), 100m back F (10th, 1:43.41), 200m free F (15th, 3:26.22), 100m breast F (5th, 1:47.94), 50m fly (13th, 49.93), and 100m free (16th, 1:41.58);
•Nichole Lowey (14)—50m free P (25th, 32.69), 200m IM P (17th, 2:52.04), 400m IM F (14th, 6:21.50), 200m free P (22nd, 2:40.30), 200m breast (22nd, 2:40.30), 200m breast F (2nd, 2:56.57), 200m breast P (2nd, 3:00.90), 400m free F (12th, 5:35.73), 100m breast F (3rd, 1:23.85), 100m breast P (3rd, 1:25.51), and 100m free P (19th, 1:11.76);
•Karli McKinnon (16)—50m free P (6th, 29.46), 50m free F (6th, 29.91), 200m IM P (5th, 2:40.94), 200m IM F (5th, 2:41.14), 400m IM F (6th, 3:44.34), 200m free P (10th, 2:24.81), 100m fly F (6th, 1:13.57), 100m fly P (6th, 1:14.60), 100m back P (6th, 1:10.94), 100m back P (6th, 1:17.68), 100m free F (5th, 1:05.24), 100m free P (9th, 1:05.83), 200m back P (4th, 2:43.37), and 200m back F (6th, 2:44.38);
•Dylan Ossachuk (7)-—50m free F (15th, 53.51), 50m breast (12th, 1:24.84), and 100m back F (11th, 2:05.42);
•Alex Parent (15)—50m free P (36th, 30.16), 200m IM P (26th, 2:50.72), 400m IM F (15th, 6:03.70), 200m free P (26th, 2:27.77), 100m fly P (25th, 1:23.73), 100m back P (27th, 1:23.25), 400m free (15th, 5:07.76), and 100m free P (30th, 1:05.47); and
•Caitlin Sande (11)–50m free F (35th, 38.33), 200m IM (33rd, 3:41.06), 200m free F (34th, 3:04.18), 100m fly F (20th, 1:58.68), 100m back F (35th, 1:45.22), 400m free F (20th, 6:23.27), 200m fly F (12th, 4:24.04), and 100m free F (41st, 1:28.03).