Aquanauts, Cyclones revved up for Kenora

Time for some serious competition.
Both the Fort Frances Aquanauts Swim Team and the Fort Frances Cyclone Swim Club will have to crank up their intensity this weekend against the toughest field they’ve faced so far this young season at the Kenora Swimming Sharks fall invitational meet.
“At Thunder Bay, it was only the regional teams involved,” Aquanauts head coach Roman Ramirez noted during Monday’s practice. “In Kenora, the good teams from around Manitoba as well as Northwestern Ontario are going to be there.
“I think it helps to try and achieve qualifying times for provincials and nationals against other swimmers of high levels,” Ramirez added about the intention of his 31-swimmer contingent that will make the trek to Kenora.
“The extra adrenaline makes you work harder, and makes you practice your self-control even more.”
Ramirez, who took only 26 swimmers to this meet last year, is happy that he’s been able to increase the number of athletes he feels are ready for elite competition in just one year’s time.
“That’s what we’re working for,” he remarked. “I’m not surprised with the progress in that area. They’ve been working hard as a group on technique, strength, endurance, and pace.
“As a coach, you look for different things from different swimmers, and they’re all reaching for different goals.”
< *c>On the mend
Meanwhile, the Cyclones will bring a seven-member group to Kenora—up from four last year. It would have been eight except for the loss of Karrah Ogden, who will be out of action until at least after Christmas with a broken arm.
“Karrah has matured a lot over the last year,” Cyclones coach Debbie Murray said about what Ogden’s loss means to the team. “Certainly in Thunder Bay earlier this fall, she had a fantastic meet.
“It’s really unfortunate that she had this crook in the road. But I anticipate she’ll be back and performing well in the New Year.”
Ogden’s absence doesn’t change the fact the Cyclones will need to adjust in Kenora to swimming a variety of longer-distance races that weren’t on the schedule in Thunder Bay.
But Murray expects her squad to handle the situation smoothly.
“I think we’ll perform very well,” she said. “We’ve trained very hard, working on our turns and improving our conditioning.
“Now it’s important as young swimmers for them to learn strategies to use in races while keeping focused and disciplined,” she added.