Aquanauts capture team trophy in Winnipeg McKinnon scores highest in category

Twelve members of the Aquanauts Swim Team took part in the Manitoba Marlins Crocus Classic this past weekend in Winnipeg where they would win the team trophy in the under-15 swimmers category.
“I thought we did really well as a group,” said coach Roman Ramirez. “They really wanted to get the team trophy and that’s what they did.”
Also of note was the performance of Karli McKinnon, who was the high point getter in the 15-16 age category.
Here are their individual results (F=final, P=preliminary):
•Heather Dutton (18)—200m IM P (2:35.32, 7th), 200m IM F (2:37.73, 6th), 800m free F (10:19.77, 4th), 50m fly F (30.66, 3rd), 50m fly P (31.40, 7th), 400m IM F (5:29.57, 6th), 400m free F (4:56.61, 7th), 100m free P (1:04.94, 12th), 200m fly P (2:45.33, 7th), 100m fly F (1:09.12, 6th), 100m fly P (1:10.44, 6th), 200m free F (2:17.81, 5th), 200m free P (2:19.83, 6th), and 200m fly F (2:41.09, 6th)
•Rachel Dutton (15)—200m IM F (2:45.98, 4th), 200m IM P (2:46.71, 5th), 50m fly F (33.14, 4th), 50m fly P (33.63, 6th), 50m free F (30.62, 5th), 50m free P (30.86, 4th), 400m IM F (5:53.59, 4th), 100m back F (1:17.40, 7th), 100m back (1:17.89, 6th), 50m back P (37.71, 10th), 400m free F (5:08.87, 8th), 100m free F (1:06.42, 5th), 100m free P (1:07.73, 7th), 100m fly F (1:12.13, 2nd), 100m fly P (1:17.59, 3rd), 200m free (2:20.41, 1st), and 200m free P (2:25.17, 4th)
•Andre Emond (10)—50m fly P (52.02, 21st), 50m free P (38.54, 19th), 100m back (1:45.10, 16th), 50m back P (48.21, 22nd), 100m free P (1:27.70, 18th), and 50m breast P (1:04.46, 28th)
•Heidi Emond (13)—50m fly P (45.59, 47th), 200m breast P (3:45.81, 17th), 50m free P (37.15, 48th), 50m back P (43.01, 41st), 100m free P (1:20.35, 38th), and 50m breast P (47.70, 32nd)
•Krista Emond (11)—200m IM P (3:30.66, 26th), 50m fly P (48.25, 49th), 200m breast (3:53.32, 28th), 50m free P (37.39, 42nd), 100m back P (1:39.69, 29th), 50m back P (44.76, 29th), 400m free F (6:05.22, NF), 100m free P (1:19.67, 32nd), 50m breast P (53.49, 37th), and 200m free P (2:52.34, 26th)
•Jillian Gustafson (10)—200m IM P (3:37.93, 29th), 50m fly P (48.56, 50th), 50m free P (38.55, 48th), 100m back P (1:45.66, 33rd), 50m back (49.82, 51st), 100m breast P (1:55.56, 35th), 100m free P (1:28.34, 42nd), 50m breast P (55.82, 44th), and 200m free P (3:06.61, 35th)
•Jessica Lowey (11)—200m IM P (3:01.82, 10th), 800m free F (11:40.83, 2nd), 50m fly P (40.53, 23rd), 200m breast P (3:11.35, 2nd), 200m breast F (3:13.56, 3rd), 50m free P (35.64, 34th), 400m IM F (6:26.25, 6th), 400m free F (5:34.78, 6th), 100m breast F (1:31.08, 4th), 100m breast P (1:31.36, 4th), and 100m free P (1:15.49, 18th)
•Nichole Lowey (14)—200m IM P (2:48.02, 9th), 800m free F (11:07.51, 7th), 200m breast P (2:54.02, 1st), 200m breast F (2:56.17, 2nd), 50m free P (33.19, 25th), 400m IM F (6:02.58, 7th), 400m free F (5:21.75, 7th), 100m breast F (1:23.29, 2nd), 100m breast P (1:23.90, 2nd), 100m free P (1:12.93, 24th), 50m breast F (38.53, 3rd), 50m breast P (39.23, 3rd), and 200m free P (2:37.50, 13th)
•Karli McKinnon (16)—200m IM F(2:39.86, 2nd), 200m IM P (2:41.46, 2nd), 50m fly F (31.94, 1st), 50m fly P (32.10, 1st), 50m free F (29.70, 1st), 50m free P (29.90, 1st), 400m IM F (5:41.57, 2nd), 100m back F (1:14.24, 2nd), 100m back P (1:15.72, 2nd), 50m back F (34.61, 1st), 50m back P (35.49, 1st), 100m free (1:04.39, 1st), 100m free P (1:05.33, 1st), 200m back F (2:41.37, 4th), 200m back P (2:46.56, 6th), 100m fly F (1:12.66, 3rd), 100m fly P (1:16.27, 2nd), 200m free F (2:21.05, 3rd), and 200m free P (2:26.32, 7th)
•Alex Parent (15)—200m IM P (2:48.36, 9th), 50m fly P (33.75, 12th), 50m free P (30.83, 13th), 100m back P (1:21.11, 9th), 50m back P (37.20, 8th), 50m back F (37.81, 8th), 400m free F (5:04.77, 4th), 100m free P (1:05.55, 12th), 50m breast P (43.77, 11th), 200m free P (2:21.11, 5th), and 200m free (2:22.04, 7th)
•Caitlin Sande (11)—200m IM P (3:40.64, 30th), 50m fly P (47.71, 47th), 50m free P (40.48, 56th), 50m back P (48.29, 48th), 100m free P (1:26.12, 41st), 50m breast P (DQ), and 200m free P (3:13.35, 37th)
•Tahsha Schabler (14)—200m IM F (2:47.26, 7th), 200m IM P (2:47.90, 7th), 800m free F (10:29.96, 3rd), 400m IM F (5:54.07, 4th), 100m back F(1:12.79, 3rd), 100m back P (1:15.38, 3rd), 50m back P (34.93, 4th), 50m back F (34.95, 4th), 400m free (5:09.21, 4th), 100m free P (1:08.84, 9th), 200m back P (2:36.48, 1st), and 100m fly P (1:25.20, 12th)