Aquanauts benefit from high registration numbers

While the Aquanauts are hoping for even better results in the pool this season, what is already known is that the local swim club definitely will be bigger.
Some 120 swimmers have registered for the various programs, a sharp increase from 80 a year ago. And that has many people involved with the Aquanauts ecstatic with the possibilities for this season–and the future.
“I think, in general, the community is now more aware of the quality programs that we provide,” long-time Aquanaut head coach Debbie Murray said of the rise in numbers.
“We teach the various swimmers the [necessary] skills to improve,” she added. “And there was a need for that in the community.”
Murray also said the club benefited from the addition of several new programs although she noted there are still openings for high school-aged swimmers for the Muskie one.
It was established this season to allow high school swimmers the chance to represent Fort High at the all-Ontario championships.
But those openings are the exception, rather than the norm, said Murray, noting most of the club’s programs offered already are filled to capacity.
“It’s a very exciting thing in that a community of this size can put forth a club of this magnitude,” she enthused, adding the Aquanauts have hired Andrea Bell to assist with the coaching duties this season.
Currently, the club is busily preparing their young swimmers for a regional developmental meet here Oct. 17, and then the Campbell Goldfins regional meet for their competitive swimmers the following week in Dryden.