Less than two weeks before competing in their first meet, a dozen Aquanauts headed to Kenora last weekend for a seminar featuring the technical director of Swim Ontario.
Cliff Barry, former coach of the late Victor Davis, a Canadian Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer, said the main emphasis of the three-hour seminar was not necessarily on the technical aspects of the sport but rather attitude and team cohesion.
“I was trying to get them to understand the role of teamwork and attitude,” Barry said from his Swim Ontario office in Toronto yesterday.
“It’s the approach one takes in every aspect of your life—what they bring to a team. The whole environment of swimming is team-oriented,” he noted.
Aquanauts participating in the lectures and drills were Alyssa Holliday, Jamie Beadow, Boyd Badiuk, Kenneth Kellar, Alex Parent, Nichole Lowey, Jessica Cousineau, Megan Wihnan, Jenny Hawley, Karli McKinnon, and Heather and Rachel Dutton.
Aquanaut head coach Roman Ramirez and club president John Dutton accompanied the team to Kenora.
“I think it was good,” said Ramirez. “It’s good to hear a perspective of another coach. New ideas are always welcome to our club.
“It was exciting for the swimmers. The coach encouraged positive attitude and behavior,” he added.
Barry enjoyed the smaller seminar in Kenora compared to his prior four-day visit to Thunder Bay, which he said was a little hectic.
He also said he was impressed with how the Aquanauts’ contingent handled themselves in the pool.
“I got good vibes from the Fort Frances team,” said Barry. “The kids were very well coached. They’re getting very good instruction in their strokes.”
The club’s competitive swimmers will take part in their first meet of the season Oct. 27 in Balmertown.