An update from Muskies Jr. Girls Volleyball Coach Terry McMahon

Record: 5-0 plus a tournament win (update with Tuesday game?)

First place NORWOSSA standings

Q: How has the season gone so far?

Our season is going great. We have only lost one set so far (our rookie line’s first set of volleyball ever) including our tournament in Kenora which we won gold. The girls are playing hard and really picking up on things, it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Q: Are there any players whose performance has stood out to you this season so far?

All of them, our whole roster has improved leaps and bounds already. But Payton Dolyny and Caleigh Councillor are definitely lighting up the league, it’s impossible to not notice when they’re on the court. Our setter Grace Medicine Horton is doing fantastic as well. She is actually leading our team in points based on serves alone.

Q: How has it been to travel and get more play this year outside of the regular NORWOSSA schedule?

It’s been great, we have such a strong team this year it’s awesome to see them get to compete. Our tournament went so well in Kenora, the girls received a lot of compliments for their play. I am hoping for more tournaments and more opportunities to compete next season.

Q: What are some of the challenges the team has faced this year?

I think the level of competition and for us to make sure that we continue improving is our biggest challenge. Our best games have been inter-squad in our own gym in practice this year, so I think sometimes we have a hard time getting into game mode when it’s time to play other teams. Also because we have done so well when something doesn’t go our way, or we make mistakes we hit some mental hurdles to work through.

Q: What are your hopes as the team goes into the last part of this year’s NORWOSSA schedule?

My hopes are that we continue to improve. I told the girls our definition of success this year probably won’t be our wins but how good we can get at this game as a team and as players. As long as we continue to work hard and push each other, the rest will take care of itself.