All-round fitness program starts up


Fort Frances resident Courtney Koval has worked in a number of fitness centres over the course of her career, but now has struck out on her own.
Koval is set to start up the “Tighter ’n Lighter Challenge” here, which she says will work on eight components of fitness: balance, agility, strength, endurance, power, speed, flexibility, and co-ordination.
The program, which kicks off next Monday (May 31), will consist of three 45-minutes classes per week.
“This is my first here in Fort Frances,” noted Koval.
She added other programs, like the six-hour-a-day, five-days-per-week program she was part of out in Whistler, B.C., emphasize weight loss without encouraging other aspects of fitness, which Koval is stressing in her program.
“I’ve worked at so many different fitness centres,” she said. “Everything focuses on weight loss.”
Koval also noted her program will reward progress, with prizes for the three most-improved participants.
As well, she explained one class will be open to participants’ friends or spouses.
“It’s a day when they can bring their spouse or a friend to show them what the challenge is all about,” Koval enthused.
“They can show them the effort that they’ve been putting in.”
The program also places a strong emphasis on working out outside of class.
The classes provide a groundwork but with only three sessions a week, participants will have to maintain self-discipline outside of the workout.
Koval’s philosophy seems to have been embraced early on as the 16 spots in the initial program are all full.
And there already is a waiting list for the next session, which is slated to begin in August.