Adult soccer league gearing up

What’s the first sign the Borderland Soccer League soon will be starting it season?
When the dates for the executive and annual general meetings have been set.
Room 138 at Fort High will be the setting for tonight’s executive general meeting, with next Wednesday (April 20) being the date for the annual general meeting at 7 p.m. (also in Room 138).
“Hopefully at the executive meeting, we’ll set up what we want to do at the AGM and set up registration times and things like that,” noted league president Shane Beckett.
So what’s on the agenda?
“Refereeing is going to be something that we definitely want to bring up,” Beckett replied.
Beckett and other members from the league’s executive went to the annual general meeting for Soccer Northwest back in January, which “really opened up a lot of our eyes about a lot of things, and especially liability issues.”
“They said to make sure that all of our referees’ dues are paid and that they are actually certified, because other associations have run into liability troubles and workers’ compensation issues, so that’s something that we definitely need to look at,” Beckett said.
One other issue the executive wants to touch on is how to attract American players back into the league they were once drawn to. As well, the league wants to implement policies to make it something that can appeal to people of varying backgrounds.
“I think the great thing about our league is that you have those higher-end players and you have a lot of newcomers out there,” noted Beckett. “There is a wide range of people out there and each have varying reasons why they are there.
“For whatever reason you’re looking to play soccer, our league will find a spot for you,” he pledged.
Beckett also said “changes and progressions” must be made if the league hopes to enjoy any kind of longevity.
“The better something is run, the more people will want to be a part of it,” he reasoned. “You look at something like the bass tournament and how well that is run, and people come from all over to be part of it.
“I think the more professional we are as an executive and as a league, then the more professional the people within the league will act, and the higher profile we’ll have so people will want to be a part of it,” he remarked.