Youth job centre to close for summer

With the summer almost over for most young people, the local Human Resource Centre of Canada for Students is closing its doors for the season Friday.
“Things went very well,” said summer employment officer Kerri Langtry. “We found lots of jobs and lots of students to register with us.”
The office, which opens annually in the middle of May, helps to connect students with potential employers.
Although an exact comparison to previous years cannot be made until the numbers have been tabulated, Langtry said this summer was a successful one.
“We have roughly 150 students registered with us,” she noted. “And we helped to place about 150 jobs, too.”
These ranged from full-time and part-time positions to odd jobs.
“We had one lady who called in to find somebody to fix her VCR,” said Langtry. “So we found someone.”
Langtry’s advice for those who are seeking summer jobs for next year is simple. “The faster you come in and register, the more job opportunities there are,” she stressed.
Langtry suggested students register at the office as soon as it opens in May. Meanwhile, potential employers who want to take advantage of a summer job subsidy should plan a little further in advance.
“They should apply for the subsidy in February,” Langtry said. “They will usually have an answer by April.”