Young vendors display wares

Sam Odrowski

Curvy Chick was taken over by seven groups of young entrepreneurs for a “Mini-Makers Vendor Market” over a two-hour period on Thursday.
The children were able to set up their booths free of charge, and sold everything from baked goodies to arts and crafts.
Organizers Jennifer Horton and Charmaine Langlais said they put together the event to provide a fun activity for their kids over the March Break.
“Our kids didn’t have anything to do on March Break, and they’re pretty passionate about being little entrepreneurs,” Horton explained.
“I just thought it would be a fun opportunity for them, as well as other kids who have similar interests.”
The youngsters put in an immense effort creating their products, setting up their booths, and reeling in customers.
“I think this was fun for them to have their own thing, their own market, [run by] just the kids,” Langlais enthused.
“It’s really rewarding for them, too,” she added. “They’re pretty proud of what they’ve done.”
The kids sold their products in the vendor market from 11 a.m. -1 p.m. on a sunny winter’s day.
They later were rewarded for their hard work with a free pizza lunch.
Langlais’ children, Chloe and Payton, ran a booth with a separate trough during the vendor market to raise money for a FFHS student who is battling a terminal illness.
Chase Copenace has been diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 gliosarcoma brain tumour.
The organizers also were pleased with the turnout.
“When 11 o’clock hit, people just came through,” noted Horton
She added she and Langlais had been busy advertising the event through social media, as well as newspaper and radio ads, to get the word out and make sure people attended.
Horton hopes to host another children-run vendors’ bash in the summer months–if the kids show an equal interest.