Workshop to help people find their ‘True Colors’

Are you green, orange, blue, or gold?
If you don’t know but are curious to find out, now is the time to sign up for a “True Colors” workshop next Thursday evening at the Fort Frances Volunteer Bureau (in the old CN station).
Running from 6:30-9:30 p.m., certified trainer Carol Fulcher will lead those who attend through a series of word association and other exercises to help them determine their inner values, needs, and strengths.
“The last time this was held here was two years ago. We had three workshops with 30 people each,” said local organizer Barb Duguay.
“The OSB mill had their employees go, and I even had some husband-wife teams,” she added. “It’s great for team-building, learning how to work together.”
Duguay said she managed to get Fulcher for one session after finding out she would be in the area working with the Rainy River First Nations administration.
“True Colors” is a philosophy that recognizes there are four innate systems which drive behaviour and through which human beings strive to experience self-esteem.
As a result, people are imprinted with specific ways of thinking, understanding, valuing, and conceptualizing.
Each and every message given through the workshop is designed to be supportive, and give an individual a means which to describe their positive qualities as well as develop empathy in order to value every individual.
Fulcher vows that after the three-hour workshop, people will:
•be able to recognize and appreciate their own unique strengths and preferences, and those of others;
•begin the process of enhancing communication skills;
•be more aware of what may cause stress for others and learn how to defuse potential conflict; and
•build tolerance and self-esteem.
Cost is $45 per person. The workshop can accommodate 26 participants. To register, call Duguay at 274-4095.