Work on causeway resumes


Rehabilitation work at the high-level bridge on the Noden Causeway has started for the season, initiating what is expected to be the final year of the project.
Traffic over the bridge has been reduced to a single lane, and speed limits are reduced during the construction period.
Traffic signals and flag personnel are on-site to ensure safe movement of traffic.
The work is expected to be completed this fall.
The general contractor is Toronto Zenith Contracting Ltd., with contract administration being handled by TBT Engineering Ltd.
Rehabilitation of the Noden Causeway began in the spring of 2008, following some trial work the previous winter.
Construction of the Noden Causeway first began in 1958, and it was opened in 1965.
It was rehabilitated in the 1980s, with new barrier walls and joints.
In recent years, however, the causeway has demonstrated drainage problems, as well as poor pavement and joint conditions.
The Noden Causeway consists of three structures—the east low-level bridge, west low-level bridge, and the high-level bridge.
Since 2008, the rehab work has included new pre-cast concrete decks, new expansion joints, and a new metal railing system, as well as improvements to the piling supporting the structures.