Women’s network to hold mix-and-mingle

The Business Women’s Network of Rainy River District will be holding a mix-and-mingle next Wednesday to attract new members.
“It’s just to tell people what we’re about and trying to recruit new members,” BWN chairperson Bev Sisco noted Thursday morning.
As the time to renew memberships approaches, the group is hoping to attract more members from across the district–business-oriented women who want to work together.
“What we’re all about is the fact we are business women that either own, co-own, or are associated with a business,” said Sisco.
“We want to encourage women who are maybe going to start a new business, encourage them if they are trying to get a business going by pooling our resources,” she added.
In the past year, the Business Women’s Network has held three functions, including a charity fundraiser and a supper during the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship.
It plans to host several workshops this fall.
“We’ll be bringing in some of our members and some people from the outside to give us some insight and information,” said Sisco.
The group also takes on community projects within the community and recently spearheaded a campaign to “re-invent” Fort Frances.
“We certainly have been interested in anything that’s going on in our downtown core or to develop the district,” Sisco noted.
Last year there were 26 members in the Business Women’s Network.
Anyone curious about the group can attend the mix-and-mingle, which will be a wine-and-cheese affair starting at 7 p.m. at the Fort Frances Curling Club.