Woman produces one-of-a-kind art

There is no mistaking Penny Logan’s work during a visit to the Fine Line Art Gallery. Her distinctive, one-of-a-kind carved wooden characters highlight a fascination with the human face.
“I have always been interested in people’s faces and how each face tells a different story,” said Logan, who was born and raised in the La Vallee area but has lived in Fort Frances for most of her life.
It took Logan many years to discover her own creative talents. Working for the past 15 years in Abitibi’s Woodlands Accounting department, she got her start in art back in the 1980s.
After attending one of the many evening classes put on by local oil painter Peter Spuzak, she went on to produce more than a dozen paintings in the next couple of years.
But then she put her paints away.
“Life, work, and family sort of got in the way” she laughed. “My paints dried out and I didn’t really do any painting after that.”
It wasn’t until 2003 that Logan discovered wood carving. At a class put on by Wally Golab, known for his “Pine People” carvings, she discovered her passion for this art form.
She joined the Whisky Jack Carvers in Emo and has had the carving “bug” ever since.
With the ongoing support of her husband, Denis, and her two adult sons, Logan now has her own workshop where she can be found most evenings and weekends.
Logan, who has been a member of the Fine Line Art Gallery for the past year, makes her carvings from wood she scavenges from the bush, as well as from more exotic woods she purchases.
“My tools are knives and a variety of gouges,” she noted. “The wood grain is what usually determines the expressions I end up carving into my characters.”
Her passion for many other creative media—from stained glass to photography—also serves her creative inspirations.
Come by the gallery on Mowat Avenue and have a look at Logan’s work.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Fine Line Art Gallery in Fort Frances. It is celebrating with monthly themes and special classes.
In February, the theme is “Sweet HeART.” Sign up for one of the art workshops by calling 274-1269 or just drop by for a visit.
See you at the gallery!
Editor’s note: This is the first of several articles profiling the artists who live and work in the Fort Frances area.