Woman houses big nutcracker collection


While some people collect antiques or vinyl records, a district woman has spent the last 20 years amassing an incredible collection of nutcrackers.

Deb Zimmerman of Chapple has collected close to 200 large size, stand alone nutcrackers and puts them on display throughout her home over the holidays.

She said she started out by purchasing five of the nutcrackers herself, before she started receiving them from friends and family as gifts on her birthday and Christmas.

Zimmerman also has roughly 150 tree ornament nutcrackers that she hangs up on the Christmas tree each year.

As well, she owns a six-foot-tall nutcracker that sits in the entryway of her home.

While most of the nutcrackers get taken down in the new year, she told the Times one is always left up year-round, which brings good luck and protects the home, according to German folklore.

It is said that the nutcracker represents power and strength, as well as acts as a watchdog, protecting the family from danger.