Winners from the 2004 fall fair in Emo

Winners from the 2004 fall fair in Emo
Here is the list of high-point winners at the Open Light Horse Show
•High-Point Performance and Gymkana Youth 13 and under—Kiyshia Shoguchi (Wild Diamond Gypsy) of Oxdrift, Ont.
•High-Point Performance Youth 14-18—Michelle Beck (Kat Dancing Lady) of Devlin, Ont.
•High-Point Gymkana Youth 14-18—Meagan Szachury (Diego) of Dryden, Ont.
•High-Point Performance Senior—Karen Davis (A Pretty Melody “Annie”) of Devlin, Ont.
•High-Point Gymkana Senior—Stacy Danielson (Smoking Black Coal) of Eagle River, Ont.
Here is the list of winners in the open cattle category from Aug. 20:
The Andy Carpenter Memorial Herdsman Award for the most outstanding herdsman was presented to Kerry Hyatt.
This award is for given to an outstanding individual who is friendly and courteous with fellow showmen, as well as the general public, and demonstrates outstanding care and concern for his/her animals.
< *c>Class 10—Beef females
•Section 1 (born Jan. 1-May 31, 2004)—1. Cornell Farms 2. Susan Hall 3. Jason Teeple
•Section 2 (born 2003)—1. Ken Fisher 2. Louis Bujold 3. Jeff Emish
•Section 3 (born 2002)—1. Kim Jo Bliss
•Section 4 (born 2001 or older with natural calf)—Cornell Farms (grand champion) and Jason Teeple (reserve champion)
< *c>Class 12—Special classes
•Section 2—Jackpot heifers (2003 heifers)—1. Charlene Fisher 2. Jeff Emish 3. Jason Teeple 4. Justin Bujold 5. Riley Caul
•Section 3—futurity (16 and under open showmanship)—1. Riley Caul 2. Josh Zimmerman 3. Hannah Firth 4. Garnet Cornell 5. Kelsey McLean
•17 and over open showmanship—1. Charlene Fisher 2. Bernie Zimmerman 3. Dean Hyatt 4. Grant Moffat 5. Allan Teeple
• Section 4—(Breeder’s herd, group of three)—Bujold Farms (grand champion) and Susan Hall of Glengoland Farm in Dryden, Ont. (reserve champion)
< *c>Class 17—Dairy females
•Section 1 (heifer calves under nine months)—1. Bernie Zimmerman 2. Camille Heyens 3. Sue Boersma
•Section 2 (under one year)—1. Bernie Zimmerman
•Section 3 (heifer nine-15 months)—1. Bernie Zimmerman
•Section 4 (bred heifer)—1. Bernie Zimmerman
•Section 5 (cow, first lactation)—1. Bernie Zimmerman
•Section 9 (heifer calf under one year)—1. Bernie Zimmerman
•Section 10 (best udder of show)—1. Bernie Zimmerman
•Junior Champion—Josh Zimmerman
•Reserve Champion—Nathan Zimmerman
•Senior Champion—Bernie Zimmerman
< *c>Class 18
•Commercial display of cattle—1. Circle H Farm (Kerry Hyatt) 2. KJB Herefords (Kim Jo Bliss) 3. Glengoland Farm (Susan Hall & Kevin Glennister) 4. Teeple Simmentals (Jason Teeple) 5. Fisher Charolais (Ken Fisher)
This is for the best commercial display of cattle. It is secretly judged and awarded at the closing of the fair.
Some criteria for judging is cleanliness of animals, cleanliness of animal stalls, stall to be identified by a sign, and advertising.
< *c>4-H Show Results
< *c>Saturday, Aug. 21
•Senior Beef Showman (four years showing experience or more)—Jock Gemmell (champion senior beef showman, awarded the Baduik Equipment Ltd. trophy) and Aaron Kuorikoski (reserve senior beef showman)
•Intermediate Beef Showman (three years showing experience—Jared McQuaker (champion intermediate beef showman, awarded the Emo Sales & Service/Fred Klug trophy) and David Donaldson (reserve intermediate beef showman)
•Junior Beef Showman (two years showing experience)—Kelsey McLean (champion junior beef showman, awarded the MacDonald Motors Trophy) and Jolene Stahn (reserve champion junior beef showman)
•Novice Beef Showman (first year showing)—Nathan Bujold (champion novice beef showman, awarded the Barwick Service Trophy) and Mitchell Haw (reserve champion novice beef showman)
•Grand Champion Beef Showman (awarded the Rainy River Hereford Assoc. trophy)—Jock Gemmell
•Reserve Champion Beef Showman (awarded the C.I.B.C./Emo trophy)—Jared McQuaker
•Craig Advent Memorial Showman Award (donated by R.R. District 4-H Assoc.)—Aaron Kuorikoski
< *c>4-H Heifer Awards
•Grand Champion 4-H Beef Heifer (awarded the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Assoc. plaque)—Justin Bujold
•Reserve Champion 4-H Beef Heifer (awarded the Gemmell Lane Polled Hereford plaque)—Riley Caul
•Top Charolais 4-H Beef Heifer (awarded the Doug Carlson plaque)—Riley Caul
< *>4-H Market Steer
< *c>Open Show
•First Weight Class—Jock Gemmell (champion) and Matt McQuaker (reserve champion)
•Second Weight Class—Jared McQuaker (champion) and Justin Bujold (reserve champion)
•Third Weight Class—Mitchell Haw (champion) and Hannah Firth (reserve champion)
•Grand Champion 4-H Market Steer (awarded the Royal Bank/F.F. plaque presented by Brad Bulbuck)—Matt McQuaker
•Reserve Champion 4-H Market Steer (awarded the International Stock Foods plaque presented by Bob LeBlanc)—Jock Gemmell
The Hard Luck Award (sponsored by the Rod Salchert family in his honour) is given to the 4-H member who experienced hard times with their 4-H steer for any reason.
This year, the award was given to two members: Cody Bodnar, whose steer was injured during training and had to be butchered, and Greg Haglin, whose steer became unruly just before the fair and was withdrawn in the interests of safety.
Justin Bujold was the recipient of the Rod Sachert Award as the top-placing first-year 4-H market steer entrant.