Wildfire Music still growing

Press Release

More concerts,
events to come

Wildfire Music, a company that has developed in Northern Ontario for the past eight years, has grown to the point of even further development.
Originally starting as DJ Services in 2003, the company expanded to offer a talent agency signing many tribute artists throughout the province and also (the most successful division of the company) concert promotions.
“The concert promotion aspect of the business was the most successful of the three, not to mention my personal favourite,” said Adam Armit, owner of Wildfire Music and now president of Go Live Entertainment Inc.
“We are responsible for some of the best concerts to hit Fort Frances, and recently Dryden, such as Marianas Trench, Faber Drive, and even the Stereos.
“We also worked with the FFCBC in recent years to organize Trooper and Kim Mitchell,” Armit added.
“Wildfire Music is not going anywhere,” he stressed. “We are simply taking two divisions and separating them from the brand to create a new one.
“Overall, we felt that in order to grow, a new corporation would suit us best,” Armit explained.
Wildfire Music now is responsible solely for DJ Services while Go Live Entertainment Inc. now is responsible for all concert aspects of the company, as well as the talent agency and management division.
Go Live Entertainment recently launched its website, as well as social media networks.
You can keep up-to date by logging on to www.mygolive.com or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube by following the links off of the website.
“We will continue to bring some of the best concerts to not only Fort Frances and Dryden, but also other cities across Ontario and soon to be Canada,” Armit said.
“We have a new tour in planning right now which we will be offering in Fort Frances, Dryden, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, North Bay, and Huntsville.
“We are very excited for this concert, and there is no doubt in my mind it will be one of our fastest sell-outs to date!” Armit enthused.
Armit said they cannot release which band this is at the moment, but noted they sold out every show on their last tour.
“This show will be at the beginning of 2011, and we will be aiming to have tickets on sale around the holidays,” he noted.
Armit urged people to join the mailing list, The VIP Crew, to stay up-to-date with not only this show, but plenty of others in the future.
This is the opportunity to receive the information before anyone else, as well as pre-sale info.
The head office for Go Live Entertainment is located in London, Ont., with a regional office here in Fort Frances.
“We strive to keep our local roots and offer as many great shows in Northern Ontario as we do everywhere else,” Armit stressed.
“We will also be offering many shows within southern Ontario and Manitoba throughout the next six-eight months as it snowballs from there,” he added.