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I allowed my name to stand for council because I felt our present council was not working in the best interests of the citizens they were elected to represent.
Example #1—Front Street condominiums.
Council never should have invested in a project that ought to have been private. When serious taxpayer inquiries were made, council buried the books and information remains hidden today.
Example #2—Council repeated themselves on the clinic purchase and move to a Family Health Team.
They promised public input and open discussions, then refused it, only to shove it down our district and First Nations’ throat, which is the start of privatized health care in Fort Frances.
Eighteen hundred signatures were ignored. Theses documents remain hidden to this date.
Example #3—The straw that broke the camel’s back deals with the power dam and its separation from mill property to form an income trust company.
The consequences of this decision were ignored or hidden from the public. Not one legal opinion was in place before this issue was caught by a local president who filed objections before the Ontario Municipal Board and Ontario Energy Board.
I am afraid this council will not do what is necessary to protect the interests of the 1905 power agreement, let alone the jobs of those employees who work in our mill.
The mill is the community lifeline and the power dam is the lifeline to the mill. The separation of the dam, and the forming of an income trust company without some very specific guarantees, may very well result in the shutdown of our mill.
This council failed to act vigilantly on our behalf. Filing a simple intervener status with the Ontario Energy Board while approving the application for severance causes me great concern.
In closing, I want every resident to know I will do everything in my power to protect the interests of all our citizens in an open, honest, and transparent way.