White Pine up for tax sale

Duane Hicks

FORT FRANCES—The White Pine Inn here is up for tax sale by the Town of Fort Frances.
“Basically, it’s been abandoned by the owner so for us to try to recover the outstanding taxes, the tax sale process is one of the means, as per the Municipal Act,” explained town tax administrator Tara Rajala.
The town has put a call out for tenders, with the minimum tender amount being $45,040.60.
Rajala said the town feels that, at that price, buying the property is “basically buying a lot with a building for free.”
“Whatever you do with the building would be up to whoever want to buy it,” she added.
The White Pine Inn, which closed in March, 2011, is more than 90 years old.
Chief Building Official Travis Rob has inspected the building and Rajala understands it building is not prohibitive to repair.
It potentially could be used for condos, apartments, or other purposes.
“It is a usable building. You can refurbish it,” Rajala stressed.
“It’s not in a state of disrepair like the Rainy Lake [Hotel] was in.
“There’s definitely potential there,” she added.
Potential bidders are welcome to contact Rob
(274-5323). He has keys and can take them on a tour of the building to see for themselves.
The $45,040.60 minimum tender amount includes all of the outstanding taxes up to this point in time plus any costs the town has had to pay as part of the tax sale process.
Tenders will be received until 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 17.
The tenders then will be opened in public on the same day at the Civic Centre.
For more information on the tax sale, contact Rajala at 274-5323 or via e-mail at trajala@fort-frances.com
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)