What you can bring back

Canadians returning to Fort Frances from International Falls will do well to do their meat shopping over here, say officials from Canada Customs and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
Those entering Canada no longer are allowed to bring most beef, beef products, lamb, goat meat, or cervids (elk and moose) with them until the latest BSE crisis in the United States has been resolved.
According to the most recent statement on the CFIA’s website, only boneless cuts of beef that can be certified as coming from animals less than 30 months of age will be permitted to enter the country until further notice.
These restrictions essentially are the same as those imposed by the U.S. on Canada since May 20, when a single animal in Alberta was found to be infected with mad cow disease.
“To all intents and purposes, that means no beef, no ruminants, and no processed meats,” said CFIA media relations officer Sue Roberton.
However, there currently are no restrictions on ham, poultry, or dairy products. Camelids (including llamas and alpacas) also are exempt from the ban.
Canada Customs officers in Fort Frances are enforcing the ban.
Federal officials did say the situation is still somewhat fluid and regulations could change at any time.
For the latest information, visit www.inspection.gc.ca