What should go on Scott Street’s new lampposts?

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

The Fort Frances Business Improvement Area (BIA) is looking for your input on what should go on top of Scott Street’s new lampposts.

Since the old lampposts and the stars on top of them had run their course, the BIA was given two options — refurbish the stars, or get something new.

BIA member Scott Krienke-Turvey said since the stars had already been refurbished once before, the BIA decided it was time for a change.

“[The stars] really aren’t matching to our town,” he said, adding that they’re fine for winter, but year-round, they don’t quite fit. “So we’re looking for something better to represent Fort Frances.”

They’ve considered options like metal maple leafs, trees, or something fishing or hunting related. Krienke-Turvey also mentioned Canadian and American flags.

“We’re open to ideas,” he said, requesting input from local artists. “We don’t want this to be pushed on the community, we want this to be chosen by the community.”

Visit the Fort Frances Times website to vote for your favourite option, or write in your own idea for what you think should sit atop the Scott St. Lampposts.

See page three to scan a QR code that will take you to the poll.