What campers can do to avoid black bears

When enjoying Ontario’s campsites, lakes, forests and hiking trails, it’s wise to remember that you’re in the natural habitat of black bears. Bears have a keen sense of smell, and are attracted by the odour of human food and garbage. To avoid conflicts with bears, prepare . . . and be aware.
•Reduce or eliminate odours from yourself, your camp, your clothes and your vehicle;
•Cook and store your food well away from your tent site;
•Clean fish and store food remains away from your campsite;
•Burn food scraps and fat drippings thoroughly in a fire;
•Never cook, eat or store food in your tent—this includes snacks;
•Store food so that bears cannot reach it—in the trunk of your car or hanging at least 4 metres (13 feet) above the ground;
•Sleep in clothes other than those you have cooked in;
•Properly store and pack all garbage; and
•Handle and store pet food with as much care as you do your own.