Weekend sees 16 new fires

Sixteen new fires reported in Northwestern Ontario over the weekend, including six yesterday, the Ministry of Natural Resources said this morning.
Three of these fires were located north of Red Lake. A fourth was north of Kenora, with one east of Fort Frances and another north of Nakina.
But all the fires were small and posed no control challenges to FireRanger crews.
 Meanwhile, 10 new fires were reported Saturday. Five of those occurred in the Dryden area while three were in the Red Lake area and two others located near Kenora.
A few of the new fires over the weekend resulted from carelessness with campfires.
Under the Forest Fires Prevention Act, there are specific guidelines that must be followed when lighting a campfire.
The first thing to remember is that under the law, no person should start a fire unless conditions will allow the fire to burn safely from the time it is lit to the time it is out.
Next, make sure your fire is being built in a fire safe area. This means it is built on bare rock, soil, sand, or other non–combustible material.
You must clear the site of any flammable material for at least one metre in every direction, and make sure there is no overhanging vegetation near the fire.
The fire must never be left unattended, and also keep a pail of water and shovel nearby as they are handy equipment to control the fire.
Finally, make sure you put the fire out—dead out.