Water, sewer bylaw amended

Town council agreed to amend its water and sewer billing practices under Bylaw 7/89 at Monday night’s meeting after a report from treasurer Peggy Dupuis recommended a change in the billing date for home-based businesses.
In a report to council on May 19, Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown recommended that effective June 1, 2004, all single residential dwellings where a portion of the residential unit was used to operate a home-based business will be treated as a commercial sewer and water account and will be billed only the commercial rate.
He also noted there will be a requirement to install a water meter in these home businesses at their cost, after which the resident/business owner will be billed the metered rate as well as be subject to a minimum flat rate.
(This change was made at the request of home business owners, who previously were being issued two water and sewer bills—one for residential and one for commercial—each billing period).
But Dupuis said the June 1 date falls in the middle of a billing cycle, and that it would be preferable for the treasury department that the date be either May 1 or July 1, 2004 for the change to be effective.
Council agreed to May 1, 2004.
Also Monday night, council approved a revised Community Services facilities booking policy.
The policy, which was last revised in 1994, was updated with the input of primary renters, the recreation advisory committee, and the town policy committee.
The revised policy went into effect immediately.
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council:
•approved a report from Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown that established the town’s hourly rates for rental of construction equipment and vehicles for a two-year period ending May 14, 2006;
•declined financial assistance to the Fort Frances High School girls’ soccer team to attend the all-Ontarios (June 3-5); and
•accepted a report, for informational purposes only, from treasurer Peggy Dupuis regarding Section 364 of the Municipal Act (rebates for vacancies).