Water advisories to be lifted soon

FORT FRANCES—With a long series of water valve repairs going on across town over the past few weeks, the Fort Frances Public Works Department has been issuing a drinking water advisory to local residents in specific areas where work is being done.
“We have a fair number of drinking water advisories out there right now [but] most of them will be cleared up this week,” Environmental and Facilities superintendent Doug Herr said Monday.
He noted the drinking water advisory is a routine, precautionary measure.
“Every time we have to isolate an area, and have to break the main line open, they have no pressure so there’s a possible route for contamination,” he explained.
“So we have to issue an advisory until we get bacteriological samples tested and get results back,” Herr added. “If they’re clear, we lift the drinking water advisory.”
On average, it takes seven-10 days to get a sample sent away, tested, and returned.
The drinking water advisory states that until notified by the town, water should be boiled for at least one minute if used for “human consumption.”
“Human consumption” includes drinking, making infant formula, making ice, washing fruits and vegetables, brushing teeth, or making coffee, juice, or tea.
Meanwhile, Herr said the town’s water and sewer projects, being done by Bay City Contracting, will continue this month.
As a series of some 20 valve replacements wraps up this week, work soon will start on Shevlin Avenue between the Fifth and Sixth Street East. This job will see water and sewer pipes replaced, as well as road repairs.
Unlike the residents who were issued drinking water advisories elsewhere, those living in that area instead will be on a temporary water supply because the water service will “be down for a period of time,” noted Herr.
After the Shevlin Avenue job, five more valves will be replaced at separate locations in town, meaning more drinking water advisories will be issued to affected residents in the coming weeks.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)