Watch for students: OPP

From the OPP

Once again, it is time for children to head back to school–and for motorists to be on the lookout for school buses and students.
The OPP would like to remind everyone that school buses were back in service today.
The public is reminded that every driver while on a highway meeting or approaching from the rear a stopped school bus that has its overhead red signal-lights flashing shall stop before reaching the bus.
And they shall not proceed until the bus moves or the overhead red signal-lights have stopped flashing.
Many children walk and bike to school, and motorists also should be aware of the increased pedestrian traffic as children make their way for their first exciting day.
Reduce your speed in school zones; keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
Drivers can expect to see an increased police presence in school zone areas.
Adjust your driving, pay attention, and be prepared to stop for children and school buses.
Make it safe for everyone.