Walkway going in at Lions Park


A new walkway is being installed at Lions Millennium Park to help improve access to the park’s facilities for people of all ages and abilities.
Jaques Fiset, president of the Fort Frances Lions Club, noted the work being done by Daryl’s Custom Landscapes Ltd. is expected to be complete within the next two to three weeks.
“We’re going to have the accessible walkway all the way from the handicapped swing to the public washrooms, and over to the picnic area,” he explained, citing since the handicapped swing was installed in 2007, people haven’t had easy access to the washroom.
“And if they’re in a wheelchair or a walker, it’s kind of hard to walk on the grass. So that’s why we’re building the walkway, to make it easier for the people that need it,” added Fiset.
Earlier this year, the Fort Frances Lions Club received $15,000 over one year from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to install the walkway. And combining that with $10,000 from the Moffat Fund from last year and $12,000 from their brick sale fundraiser, the club had sufficient funds to go ahead with the project.
The plan for the walkway has been in the works for several years now, so the club is thrilled to see it finally in progress.
Fiset previously credited Lions Luke Schill and David Beach for all the hard work they did to garner the funds for the walkway project.
He also noted the club has even more plans for the park, including extending the new walkway all the way through to the other side of the park. But cited the cost is always a factor.
“This year it’s going to cost $40,000 as it is, and we’ll see how our funds are raised,” Fiset voiced, noting the club continues to sell bricks around the fountain for $100 each.
The public is encouraged to purchase bricks on behalf of beloved ones or anyone they want to donate a brick to in memory of.
He also stressed he hopes people will enjoy the new walkway once it is completed.
“Make use of the park, it’s there for everybody to use,” he stated.