Walker students supporting tsunami relief

Grade 8 students at J.W. Walker School—like the rest of the world—were deeply-troubled by the devastation caused by the tsunamis in South Asia last month, and are going the extra mile to do what they can to help.
They raised $2,500 in a two-day blitz early last week, in an effort to garner as much as they could before the Jan. 11 deadline set by the federal government to match all donations made by the Canadian public.
The students did a lot of work to raise that money, preparing a newsletter for all students to bring home as well as and holding a school-wide assembly in the gym to show slides of the disaster.
Now, they’re taking their cause out to the community. The students will be taking shifts at a table during the grand opening of Revco Carpet under new ownership Thursday and Friday after school, and all day Saturday, to accept donations for tsunami relief and for the poor in Africa.
New owner Dave Petsnick has agreed to match the donations the students raise, up to $500.
In a recent interview with the Times, the students were eager to talk about why they think this cause is so important.
“Lots of people are losing their families and homes because of the tsunami. If we didn’t do something sooner, they would lose everything,” noted Janel Barker.
“Every day we worry about things like getting our homework done. It makes all my worries seem so unimportant,” said Laurel Perrott.
“People in Asia are just trying to survive. We just want the pain to be over,” added Ben Robinson.
Teacher Mary-Lynn Bondett noted the theme for this school year at Walker is “building community” because this is the first year the newly-renovated school has been open, combining students from four different schools.
“These guys stepped outside that box to support the global community,” she added.
“This disaster brought the good side out of everybody, the whole world,” remarked Cody Caul, noting many celebrities have made generous donations, as well.
“It dimmed down the pompous, high egos,” he added.
“We’re not just taking care of ourselves, but taking care of the global community,” echoed Ian McKay.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)