‘Vow of silence’ planned


If the halls of Fort Frances High School are quieter tomorrow, it’s because students there are taking part in Free the Children’s national “Vow of Silence” to stand in solidarity with children who are silenced by poverty, disease, and exploitation.
“We going to be silent for those who don’t have a voice,” noted Dexter Fichuk, leader of The Mob/Saving Faces group at Fort High.
He explained not only will participating students not be speaking, but they also are not allowed to e-mail, text, or use Facebook.
“No communication for 24 hours,” Fichuk stressed, citing those taking the “vow” will have tape over their mouths, which is a visible indication to others that they are not talking, and also a reminder to themselves not to talk.
“I think it’s a very good campaign because people see us with tape over our mouths and wonder why,” said Fichuk.
He added bringing awareness to the issue is key, but it also is a fundraiser.
There are pledge sheets for participants to collect funds to help support Free the Children’s development projects and give marginalized children around the world hope for a better future.
Last year, 102,493 youth took the “Vow of Silence” in 57 countries around the world.