Vigil for pandemic losses to happen Friday

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

The Fort Frances Ministerial Association is hosting a prayer vigil at 12:15 p.m. on Friday, June 10 at Rainy Lake Square.

Ministerial representative Diane Clifford says this is a time to remember all the different losses that people have experienced during the pandemic.

“People may have lost their jobs, maybe their lives, but it’s also the smaller losses — that sense of community, being able to volunteer, graduations for our kids,” she says. “Every day there’s been a different kind of loss for people. We want to acknowledge that, but also recognize that there’s hope for the future.”

Clifford says it’s important for people to gather after being isolated for so long.

“We all know how difficult the past couple years have been,” she says. “We need to acknowledge what we’ve lost in order to move forward and see that good things are coming.”

She says the service won’t be long — only about a half hour. She hopes to have Mayor June Caul give opening remarks before having scripture passages, prayers, and music.

Clifford says they will also have a prayer of thanksgiving for those who worked during the pandemic.

“People still had to commit to living life but in a different way,” she says. “I think we have to be really grateful for the people who kept things going.”