VALA to host workshops on pair of topics

Need to know how to write a successful proposal for funding? How about learning what the Carver model for governance is and how boards operate?
Then now is the time to sign up for workshops on these two subjects, which will be held later this month and next at the Valley Adult Learning Association (608-B Scott St.)
The two sets of seminars will be facilitated by Romeo Duguay of Tri-Tek Organizational Management and Business Services, with part of the proceeds going to the VALA program.
The Carver model seminars will run for a one-day session on Saturday, Sept. 30 (from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.), and again for two evening sessions on Oct. 4 and 5 (from 6-9 p.m. each evening).
Cost is $185 per person, with a special rate for groups of five or more.
Duguay said Monday this workshop is aimed at boards of business corporations and non-profit groups who’s members need to learn about the Carver policy governance model, or individuals who may be interested in sitting on a board but don’t know about rules of governance.
They can expect to learn elements of board operations, the principles under which they operate, responsibilities, and the division of labour between the board and board staff.
“Many people acquire knowledge and skills while on a board. They don’t come in with any preconceptions of what boards actually do,” Duguay explained.
“The learning experience can sometimes be unpleasant.”
VALA administrator Barb Duguay said the Carver model seminar is particularly timely as fall is the time of year when boards start up with new members.
Meanwhile, the second set of workshops—designing and writing effective proposals—is aimed at any non-profit organization that wants to apply for funding, or professional individual who wants to improve their range of skills.
This workshop will run Oct. 11 and 12 in two evening sessions (6-9 p.m.) The cost is $180 per person, with a special rate for groups of five or more.
Those who attend will learn how to:
•interpret criteria and guidelines;
•determine which programs are appropriate for their organization;
•justify an initiative through a “management by results” process; and
•organize their proposal to improve “readability.”
They’ll also learn about lineal responsibility charts, Gantt charts, source and use documents, and project budgeting methods.
Romeo Duguay noted if there’s enough demand, these workshops can be held again this fall or winter, or specific organizations can call on him directly to teach the courses to their respective boards and employees.
Anyone interested in signing up for either of these workshops can call Barb Duguay at 274-3553.
She noted these workshops reflect the changing role of VALA.
“Literacy organizations and what [they] offer are really changing over the years,” Duguay said. “They’re not just about teaching people to read and write. It’s about upgrading skills.
“We’re getting a wide range of clientele, ranging from Ontario Works clients to professionals.”
Barb Duguay added there’s a number of other workshops being offered for free there this fall, ranging from improving one’s handwriting to upgrading their computer skills (the latter made a lot easier thanks to a Trillium Fund grant received earlier this year).
She noted these are as much aimed at those looking for work as to those already employed but wanting to be better at that job.
For more information about these other workshops, call Barb Duguay or Kim Redford at 274-3553.
In related news, Barb Duguay noted the public can mark Feb. 10 on their calendars for the third-annual “VALA Follies” at the Townshend Theatre here.
More details will be announced in the coming months.