Union Gas helps boost fire safety

Press Release

The West Rainy River District Fire Service was formed in 2011, merging three fire departments (Rainy River, Dawson Township, and Lake of the Woods) into one combined department.
This joined force shares resources and provides a wide range of programs and services, including fire suppression, auto extrication, fire investigation, public education, fire prevention, and fire code advice, inspection, and enforcement.
Last Wednesday, Union Gas supplied the West Rainy River District Fire Service with $1,500 for fire safety equipment.
The funding will be used to purchase a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), which will provide clean, breathable air to firefighters who are exposed to dangerous conditions.
“At Union Gas, we relentlessly ensure the safety of our communities, customers, contractors, partners,and employees,” said Nick Klip, district manager, Northwest, Union Gas.
“Because of our safety culture, we make it a priority to support our local volunteer firefighters, helping to ensure their safety as they serve the community,” he noted.
“Safety for the firefighters and the people we serve is paramount,” stressed West Rainy River District Fire Service chief Randy Asselin.
“Contributions such as the one we received from Union Gas are vital to the department and help us to keep our volunteer firefighters protected with the right safety equipment,” he said.
“This grant is a boost for small departments like ours and will benefit the people we serve,” Chief Asselin added.