Unifor members at Norbord get bonus

Press Release

After securing solid contract gains last spring, about 140 Unifor members at Norbord in Barwick now are seeing big profit-sharing cheques to kick off 2019.
“Unifor and Norbord negotiated a more traditional five-year deal last spring that included major improvements such as 10.5 percent in wage gains, a $1.25 per hour trades adjustment, and major pension improvements,” Unifor national representative Stephen Boon said last week.
“We have developed a strong working relationship with Norbord and as a result, we were also pleased to negotiate a brand new profit-sharing plan as part of last year’s deal,” he noted.
“Our members have now been advised that in just the first year of the current five-year labour deal, each Unifor member at Norbord will soon be receiving over $8,300 in profit-sharing payments for 2018.”
“By entrenching this new profit-sharing plan into the current agreement, our members and their families should enjoy comparable profit-sharing payouts for years to come due to improved mill performance and a welcome resurgence in the forest industry,” noted Unifor Local 324 president George Smith.
Licensed trades base rates of pay at Norbord will increase to $41.58/hour, with top production rates rising to $36.40/hour, by the final year of the current collective agreement.
Unifor is the largest private-sector union in Canada with more than 315,000 members, including almost 8,000 members across Northwestern Ontario.