Underpass re-opened


The Portage Avenue underpass was re-opened yesterday as crews finished the majority of the in-ground work at the intersections of Third Street and Fifth Street.
However, starting at 7 a.m. tomorrow, the intersection at Fifth Street and Portage Avenue will be closed to all through traffic going east towards The Beer Store for about half-a-day day to perform work on the newly-installed watermain, Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brow reported this morning.
If everything goes well on this section of Fifth Street, the contractor wants to flip over and close Fifth Street going west to remove two chlorination points on the newly-installed watermain.
Brown did note tomorrow’s forecast for a thunderstorm and rain might slow down progress of the work.
The underpass will remain open to all through traffic, but motorists only will be able to gain access through the underpass from one direction along Fifth Street.
Temporary traffic directional signs will be installed to re-route traffic to gain access to and from the underpass.
The underpass will remain open to traffic until the installation of the concrete curb and paving of the roadway.
This work is scheduled to take place sometime in August, when the underpass will be closed for only a short duration—one-two days in total, said Brown.