Two speakers to address 2006 budget

Town council will begin its 2006 budget process this evening with an open meeting to get input from the public.
And unlike last year when no one from the public showed up, two speakers are on the agenda to speak tonight—Chamber of Commerce president Gary Rogozinski and local resident Melvin Haukaas.
Clerk Glenn Treftlin noted this morning, however, that the rest of the public is welcome to attend this evening’s meeting and step up to the microphone to offer their input, if they so choose.
Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes each.
According to the timetable passed at council’s Sept. 12 meeting, the next step in the budget process will be for the four executive committees to take the information received tonight and review it during the week of Oct. 3-7.
These same committees then will review the various division budgets during the week of Oct. 17-21.
All documents from these meetings will be handed over to treasurer Peggy Dupuis by Oct. 31, who, in turn, will consolidate the data into a draft budget.
This draft budget then will be reviewed repeatedly by town administration and the committee of the whole throughout November, December, and January before being up for ratification by council in late January.
A second public meeting then will be held Monday, Feb. 13, with the budget anticipated to be ready for a final vote in March.
Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 6:55 p.m., with the public budget meeting at the top of the agenda.
The committee of the whole will meet first from 5-6:25 p.m. in-camera, then open up to the public around 6:30.
In-camera items include one potential legal matter, one legal matter, two personnel matters, discussion of mayor and council expenses, and discussion of an application to the Economic Development Advisory Committee.
Other business at tonight’s council meeting will include:
•hearings for property assessment changes at 1204 Third St. E., 507 Armit Ave., and 706 Armit Ave.;
•volunteer firefighter insurance coverage;
•minutes of a settlement at 706 Armit Ave.;
•a police services consultant contract;
•an OFSAA high school hockey contribution request;
•an item regarding eligibility for lottery licensing municipal museums and public libraries;
•an invoice from the Rainy River Future Development Corp. regarding Town of Fort Frances project expenses;
•a memo dated Sept. 22, 2005 from Clerk Treftlin regarding the relocation of the Fort Frances Bingo Hall; and
•a bylaw to approve an agreement with Skates & Blades Inc. for the operation of a skate-sharpening shop in the Memorial Sports Centre.