Two sets of twins born same day here

Two local moms may have made a bit of history on St. Andrew’s Ward at La Verendrye hospital after giving birth to twins there on the same day.
The maternity unit welcomed its newest twosomes–identical twin brothers, Tanner and Austin, born to Lisa and John Angus, and twin brother and sister, Connor and Claire, born to Colleen and Dean Tibbs–on Aug. 12.
All four babies were considered full term, and weighed in at between 5 pounds, 11 oz. and 6 pounds, 10 oz.
The rare event certainly has stuck in the mind of Dr. A.J. MacKintosh, a local obstetrics and gynecology physician who’s been practising medicine for 39 years.
“I do believe it’s the first time in my experience that I have delivered two sets of twins on the same day,” he said yesterday .
Incidentally, besides sharing a birthday, the two sets of twins have fathers who work at Abitibi-Consolidated and grandmothers each named Sharon. And their respective parents have wedding anniversaries within two weeks of each other.
But the similarities pretty much end there. For the Angus’, their new bundles of joy are their firstborn while the Tibbs’ twins are siblings for Riley, four, and Sam, one.
But despite double diaper and bottle duty on the go, neither set of parents said it’s been a scramble to keep up–at least not yet.
“It’s not really hard to adjust. [The babies] are both quite content . . . I thought it would be a lot more difficult than it’s been,” smiled Lisa Angus, noting the boys are sleeping six-eight hours at night in their own cribs.
“But you’ve still got to sleep with one eye open,” chuckled her husband, John.
“We’re in good shape,” Dean Tibbs said of the adjustment to twins in addition to a pre-schooler and a toddler. “This house has six bedrooms.”
Dean is busy finishing up the nursery’s new “Noah’s Ark” decor while the family’s newest additions sleep contentedly in the same crib in a corner of the living room.
“We decided to use ‘Noah’s Ark’ because it has two of everything,” he smiled.
Mom, Colleen, also didn’t note any chaos over adjusting to the schedules of two new babies, stressing that keeping a written record of their bottle and diaper times allowed for a smoother sail through each day.
She also said keeping the babies on a similar eating schedule during the night meant more shut-eye for mom and dad.
“I wake one up after the other at night otherwise we couldn’t get more than a few hours sleep at one time,” she added.
But as the Tibbs marvel at their new twins, the realities of “life with babies” has pretty much taken the spark out of having any more children.
“I think this is the last kick at the cat,” he laughed, with his wife nodding in agreement.