Two new vice-principals appointed


The Rainy River District School Board has announced two new vice-principals as the 2010-11 school year gets underway.
Beth Fairfield has been appointed as vice-principal for North Star Community School in Atikokan while Anne Carridice has been appointed vice-principal for both Donald Young School in Emo and Nestor Fall School.
Fairfield has 19 years of teaching experience at the elementary and secondary levels, and has been the board’s secondary curriculum co-ordinator for the past four years.
She was responsible for implementing the Specialist High Skill Major program at Atikokan High School, as well as overseeing the delivery of the new teacher induction program for the board.
“In my most recent position as secondary curriculum co-ordinator, I valued having the opportunity to work collaboratively with colleagues from across the district to support the success of our students,” Fairfield said in a press release issued by the board.
“As vice-principal, I look forward to working with the staff, students, and parents at North Star Community School and the learning experiences this new role will bring,” Fairfield added.
Carridice, meanwhile, has 25 years of combined teaching and educational leadership experience, first beginning with the local public board back in 2003 at Nestor Falls School.
Since then, she has been involved in various committees and curriculum initiatives in her role as vice-principal of Riverview School in Rainy River, and active contribution to community events and organizations.
Carridice is fluent in four languages, and has a great appreciation for cultural diversity and inclusiveness.
“I have a dream that we continue to work together to ensure success for each and every child,” Carridice said in support of the board’s mission: “To empower all students to dream of the possibilities, to believe in themselves, and to achieve.
“A dream that you dream together is reality,” she stressed.