Truth, reconciliation commission chair to visit

Press Release

Justice Murray Sinclair, chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, is scheduled to visit Sioux Lookout on May 12-13.
The visit is being hosted by the Sioux Lookout Coalition for Healing and Reconciliation.
During his two-day visit, Justice Sinclair will hear stories from former students of the Indian Residential School system.
An open forum is planned where formers students and staff, families of former students, and interested citizens will have an opportunity to hear about the work of the commission and to make presentations.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a key component of the landmark September, 2007 Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement.
“The Truth and Reconciliation Commission will provide those directly and indirectly affected by the legacy of the Indian Residential School system with an opportunity to share their stories and/or experiences,” its website states.
“The TRC’s primary and most important function is to facilitate reconciliation among former students, their families, their communities, and all Canadians; through this will be a collective journey toward a more unified Canada,” it adds.
“The community and region is very fortunate to host the visit from Justice Murray Sinclair,” said Garnet Angeconeb, co-chair of the Sioux Lookout Coalition for Healing and Reconciliation.
“This visit means that survivors will have a chance now and in the near future to engage in the work of the commission,” he noted.
The Sioux Lookout Coalition for Healing and Reconciliation is made up of survivors, church leaders, and interested citizens whose desire is to complement the work of the TRC at the local level, as well as to promote healing and reconciliation.