Treasure hunt today to celebrate Senior’s Month series of events

By Natali Trivuncic
Staff Writer

The hunt is on for treasures around town as seniors pile into their cars to participate in the car rally treasure hunt today.

June is officially senior’s month and to kick it off, the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce is hosting a seniors car rally treasure hunt for those 55 and older.

Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce executive director, Heather Johnson, said they were contacted by the Fort Frances Senior Centre about hosting a scavenger hunt. Johnson adds that due to the heat wave advisory and COVID-19, she chose to make it a car rally to ensure participants would be safe.

Senior month events
Game Days
Tuesday June 22 and Wednesday June 23
Register at the Fort Frances Senior Centre on June 16 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Call 274-7656. First 10 people or 10 teams per game. Prizes to be won! Games include Ladder Toss, Horseshoes, Bean Bag Toss and Bocce Ball.
Drive-Thru Barbecue
Tuesday June 29
Stop by the Senior Centre between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to pick up some supper. Hamburger or hot dog, bag of chips, pop and dessert.  

“I decided to do kind of a treasure hunt with a different twist on it,” Johnson said. “They will have some riddles, puzzles and some mazes to do so it will get them out and pick up treasures at some of our local businesses and just have a fun afternoon.”

The word treasure usually incites images of gold and jewels, but Johnson said most of these ‘treasures’ are coupons that seniors can use once businesses are open again.

“Each business is doing their own thing but they’re not expensive,” Johnson said. “It’s more of the thrill of the hunt than the treasure itself. And the Canadian Mental Health Association has really come through. They’ve provided a lot of information and quizzes and just some little things to make it easier in the house as you age.”

For second and third place, Johnson said they have some hanging baskets from Hammond’s Nursery.

This is the first year the chamber is hosting the scavenger hunt. Johnson said they have 11 teams registered but hoped to have 15.

Teams are comprised of seniors who have been in the same bubble and must be in a car to participate. Johnson said that businesses along Scott Street are pickup only and having to walk to each business around town would be too much.

To ensure physical distancing between cars, Johnson said they are going to stagger the start time and have each car start on a different clue.

This is the only event the Chamber is hosting for senior’s month. Johnson said she was very excited to help put it together.

“It’s been a very long winter and it’s good to be able to have something to look forward to and the weather’s great and vaccinations are going well,” Johnson said. “I think it’s just a great time to celebrate and just be happy that we’ve made it this far and we’re going to make it the rest of the way.”

Johnson said they decided to have the hunt during the week in the afternoon as many businesses are not open on the weekend and have limited hours.

Johnson said aside from a fun filled afternoon for seniors, she said she hopes that this will also encourage people to visit those businesses once they are fully open again.

“They’re all waiting to be able to be open again so this gives them something to get going and to celebrate seniors,” Johnson said. “Seniors are the largest growing age population in Canada, so they are going to be a very strong and supportive group of people for their businesses going forward.”