Transportation sub-committee finally approved

Town council agreed to the terms of reference for the Traffic Safety Committee, as well as an ad hoc sub-committee to address public transportation, at Monday night’s meeting.
A follow-up to discussions at the March 10 council meeting, Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown recommended the sub-committee:
•consist of two current members of the Traffic Safety Committee;
•three additional citizens selected by council;
•Community Services manager George Bell;
•Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown; and
•two members of council appointed by Mayor Dan Onichuk and the rest of council.
The chair will be chosen at the first meeting.
The purpose of the committee will be:
•to investigate the existing public transportation systems (dial-a-ride and handi-van) in regards to the level of service and the financial impact;
•through public consultation, determine if there is a need to enhance the existing public transportation system; and
•prepare a report, complete with recommendations, to the Operations and Facilities executive committee in regards to public transportation.
Brown also set out the terms of reference for the Traffic Safety Committee, which until now had none.
Brown said its purpose is to “provide advice on all matters pertaining to vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic, the improvement of traffic flow, and any issues concerning public safety or traffic safety.”
The idea for a committee to address public transportation was brought forth by Mayor Onichuk immediately after he took office in December.
He’s since said he’d like to see information regarding public transportation come before council in time for the 2005 budget process.
Council had passed a resolution back on Dec. 8 whereby the Operations and Facilities executive committee was to review the merits of establishing a Public Transportation Advisory Committee.
Then in a Feb. 18 report, Brown outlined the purpose of the proposed committee, and made some recommendation about it, but council tabled the item until the mayor could give his input on it.
At the March 10 council meeting, council further discussed whether the town really needed such a committee, and if so, should it be a new one or simply a sub-committee under the existing Traffic Safety Committee.
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council:
•tabled a recommendation from the Administration and Finance executive committee that the town support being involved in the “Communities in Bloom” project in principle, with no financial contribution, until it can be determined if the town can participate in the program as a non-competitive community, and thus not have to pay to host judges here or pay to go abroad to attend a provincial competition;
•authorized a five-year lease with Xerox for photocopy services for the Memorial Sports Centre, Fort Frances Children’s Complex, and Fort Frances Museum;
•directed all managers and superintendents to be aware of employment subsidy programs where applicable, and make application to such programs as appropriate and will authorize the mayor and clerk to sign all applications;
•agreed to a recommendation of the Administration and Finance executive committee to support the resolution of the City of Sarnia that all municipalities request a gas tax rebate of five percent from the province;
•approved and authorized implementation of policies for accounts receivable collection, tax collection, and water and sewer collection;
•agreed with a recommendation of the Administration and Finance executive committee to provide for the $356.76 in water and sewer arrears for a tenant of his be written off from Louis Cousineau’s tax account; and
•accepted the 2002 annual drinking water compliance report and 2003 Schedule 22 compliance summary report for the town’s Operations and Facilities division.