Toy library goes ‘prehistoric’ for Family Week

Many families with young children stopped by the Fort Frances Toy Lending Resource Centre last Saturday morning to celebrate “National Family Week” like it was the Stone Age.
Oct. 6-10 was officially “National Family Week,” a time to celebrate family by holding activities that served to bring members closer together.
With this in mind, the local toy library decided to hold a slew of dinosaur-themed activities for families to come and enjoy.
“We’ve celebrated ‘National Family Week’ for three years now and every year, we get into it more,” noted assistant co-ordinator Debbie Whalen, adding the event is always worth the effort.
Children taking part in some arts and crafts early on in the day were joyfully interrupted by several appearances by “Barney,” everybody’s favourite purple dinosaur, who received lots of hugs from his young fans.
He also provided lots of photo opportunities for camera-toting parents.
Another activity for the day was a “dinosaur dig,” where groups of children got to dig for the “bones” of a dinosaur in the playground’s sand box. Using shovels and brushes, they were encouraged to follow proper archaeological procedure.
Any bones found were brought inside to be fit together to build a large Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.
A scavenger hunt was another popular activity Saturday as youngsters searched the grounds for different coloured feathers, rocks, pine cones, and other items. Those who completed the search received a bag of goodies.
Yet another game was an old-fashioned treasure hunt, where kids were given a faded map to follow to a trove of “treasure.” The trail led them outside and then back into the children’s complex, where participants got their choice of toys donated by the local SAAN’s and Red Apple stores.
Food and beverages also were served as a snack for the hungry kids not to mention their parents and grandparents.
Many showed up to share in the family fun–so many, in fact, it was hard to count them all.
“It was a full house,” noted Whalen. “There were at least 40 adults there, and 45-50 children participated in the treasure hunt and scavenger hunt.
“We’re happy with how it turned out,” she added.
Given the success of the dinosaur theme this year, Whalen said the toy library may be sticking to it for next year’s celebration.