Town’s DSSAB share dips


The Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board yesterday approved its 2014 budget to the tune of $19.06 million, reflecting an overall decrease of two percent in costs to municipalities.
But due to the fact municipalities pay into the DSSAB based on apportionment, some municipalities are paying even less, or more, than that two percent decrease indicates.
For example, Fort Frances’ apportionment went down due to loss of assessment at the local pulp and paper mill, meaning the town will be paying $87,000 less than last year.
Atikokan, on the other hand, is seeing an increase of $14,500.
Lake of the Woods Township, whose assessment also went up, jumped $8,000.
“The loss of a major employer in Fort Frances, and the current economic conditions across the district, have forced the board to carefully review its operations and the costs to our municipalities,” DSSAB chair Ross Donaldson said in a release this morning.
“This budget was not achieved easily but the board strived to maintain services with consideration to pressures anticipated in future years,” added Donaldson, who also is reeve of La Vallee.
The budget includes $2.91 million for Ontario Works, $3.76 million for Children’s Services, $6.98 million for Emergency Medical Services, $4.88 million for social housing, and $520,000 for central administration.