Town working on watermain leak

Residents on the 700 and 800 block of Scott Street should have their water service restored by the end of the day as town crews have been working watermain break there since this morning.
Environmental and Facilities superintendent Doug Herr said the town had to shut the water off at 7 a.m. as Public Works began to dig into the road, investigate the leak, and fix it.
“It’s a fairly good break,” he noted this morning.
“We’ll have to excavate down,” he added. “We’re not sure if it’s a service line that blew off, or a joint in the main pipe or a split. When we get down there, we can determine it.
“If it’s a joint, we may have to cut it out. If it’s a service, we may have to just put a service saddle on and re-tie in the service.
“If the main popped a hole in it, we’ve got repair clamps we can put over top,” Herr noted.
A total of 19 water customers lost service due to the watermain break.